OppenApp is offering free marketing services to SME businesses affected by Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc around the globe. There is no doubt that the hospitality and beauty industry have faced the biggest brunt of this situation. Hotels, restaurants, bars, travel companies, beauty service and many other businesses have faced severe losses due to lockdown. With the lockdown measures easing, we are all looking forward to picking up where we left off.
While some businesses may never resume operations after lockdown, there are SME businesses that may struggle but still have the potential to grow. OppenApp is looking to support these businesses!
We at OppenApp would love to offer our services for FREE to support struggling businesses. You will receive access to our unique Instagram feed template to boost your social media presence along with a guide with professional advice on ways to increase your brand awareness after lockdown.
The importance of online retail became evident in this pandemic with a strong focus on social media presence. OppenApp was created to address this issue and to help businesses around the world create a unique and professional social media presence WITHOUT the exorbitant costs of SMM agencies.
Today Instagram is a game-changer for the marketing scene. Purchasing is highly motivated by the visual appeal so businesses have to post new and good-looking content to stay relevant. Enter OppenApp!
With Oppenapp, you can create chic, professionally designed templates for your feeds. You can create classy and unique marketing material – just like the enticing ‘window shopping’ experience, but in the virtual world. With OppenApp you can increase your reach and grow your business!
Please fill the form below with full information about your company (Name, website and Instagram account) and we will be in touch with you. The offer is valid until 1st of May 2021.